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Mix, Mingle, and Repeat with BENEV Exosomes

As we’re already seeing, the holiday spirit graces just about anything and everything. Beverage-wise, some people are enjoying a Mistletoe Margarita or—on the nonalcoholic side—a glass of classic eggnog. The aesthetics space, however, is getting holly jolly with a much different kind of cocktail. Now is the time to mix, mingle, and repeat with BENEV Exosomes.

It’s inevitable that RF microneedling treatments, laser facials, and the like will require patients to hunker down and allow themselves ample time to recover. It’s just a small inconvenience of life. And if it will eventually reveal stellar results and restore a patient’s confidence, then sure, why not enjoy a little downtime?

Except, we live in a fast-paced world of immediate gratification. (Drive-throughs, high-speed internet, online shopping.) That’s where BENEV Exosomes enter the mix. These are topically applied, post-treatment formulas designed to cut downtime in half! Considering that each vial is just under two inches tall, Exosomes pack a huge punch with regard to their ability to restore, regenerate, and rejuvenate. Word on the aesthetic street is that exosome therapy may even surpass stem cell therapy—exosomes harness the unique ability to act as messengers within the body, transfering critical information from cell to cell throughout the recovery process.

BENEV Exosomes are available in three ultra potent products: ERC, ERC+ for both the skin and scalp, and EXO Balm for patients’ at-home use. Pairable with many of the devices and treatments you may already have in your office, Exosomes improve procedures across the board. A topical application to the treated area can help shorten downtime, reduce inflammation, increase neocollagenesis, and strengthen patients’ skin barrier and function.

During this holiday season, treatments that offer a quick turnaround are essential. Patients are busy prepping for all the upcoming festivities, and, as their provider, you’re just as busy too! So if you’re seeing your usual stream of patients start to dwindle down, these Exosomes can be a great way to entice patients to keep coming back for treatment—both now and well into the new year.

Ready to mix, mingle, and repeat with BENEV Exosomes? If you’re using Exosome Regenerative Complex (ERC) or Exosome Regenerative Complex + (ERC+), open the box that the vials come in and pop their tops off. Pour the silver vial’s liquid into the black vial of white powder—A.K.A. our lyophilized Exosomes. Then, place the top back on the black vial, which should now contain the combined mixture of liquid and exosomes, and vigorously shake for about a minute or so until no white powder is seen. And now, you’re ready to topically apply this superior regenerative formula onto your patient’s skin post treatment!

Before it’s time to ring in the holidays with a festive cocktail in hand, craft a richer cocktail of growth factors, amino acids, peptides, and more with BENEV Exosomes. Your patients can see their results sooner, and you will seriously raise the bar of aftercare with the industry’s next “small” thing.

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