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Holiday Combo Treatments Your Patients Will Love

The tail end of the year is actually the best time for practices to start pushing stackable treatments. Because the holidays are right around the corner—and patients likely want to feel their most confident at friend and family gatherings—it’s just easier to get two treatments done at once or purchase multiple skincare products in bundles. But more importantly, stacking treatments is a business trick that can meet (and even exceed) ROI fast; patients reap more beauty and anti-aging benefits from each appointment, while you add more value to both your treatment menu and what your overall practice can offer aesthetic patients.

When executed strategically, your holiday combo treatments can tackle signs of aging from every possible angle. At that point, forget Santa Claus! Patients will much prefer a 2-in-1 treatment that delivers a warm holiday glow.

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Sylfirm X, a dual wave radiofrequency microneedling device, harnesses the unique potential to address a myriad of concerns on all skin types. Some RFMN devices are limited as to which skin colors their technology can effectively treat, but not Sylfirm X. Patients have reported little to no pain during this rather comfortable procedure (not to mention immediate results). However, that comfort factor can be enhanced even further with a post-treatment application of BENEV Exosomes. This particularly potent line of exosomes reboots the body’s recovery process to work not only better but also faster, revealing a more refined aesthetic result in less time.

Essentially, Sylfirm X and BENEV Exosomes can be on your holiday treatment menu well up until Christmas Eve as downtime is close to zilch…

Maybe your patients aren’t looking for skin-revitalizing treatments. Instead, maybe they’re concerned about thinning hair or scalp health. The ViviscalPRO hair care line coupled with ERC+ (a richer blend of BENEV Exosomes designed to rejuvenate the scalp) makes for a great stocking stuffer. Hair loss can be a natural sign of aging or a side effect of stress or another significant lifestyle change; either way, it’s usually not something people are excited about.

To start this combo treatment, we recommend patients use ERC+ first to establish a healthy environment for those new, stronger locks to flourish. Then, they can cherry-pick from using ViviscalPRO shampoo, conditioner, elixir, or dietary supplements. Thicker hair can be seen in as little as 3 months of consistent use, so if your patients begin now, they’ll be feeling more beautiful and confident by Christmas!

exosomes for faster recovery

Like we said, holiday combo treatments can be curated to tackle many different signs of aging. Now that we’ve covered ones for skin revitalization and hair and scalp health, what about a more all-around duo that pairs seamlessly with your existing offerings? Look no further than EXO Balm. Like BENEV Exosomes, this is a post-treatment topical—except this is a take-home option.

Upon application, the EXO Balm formula quickly absorbs into patients’ skin, delivering the concentrated power of exosomes plus intensive hydrators to amplify aesthetic results and minimize downtime. What’s even better, you can send patients home with EXO Balm after any routine procedure.

This dual-action topical fits like a missing puzzle piece into almost any practice, which makes EXO Balm the easiest pairing to tack onto holiday treatments.

We probably don’t have to tell you twice that fillers are a staple in the aesthetic industry. But another tool worth noting is PDO threads—particularly Miracu PDO threads. (We won’t review the entire thread portfolio, but for those who are interested, find out what the experts have to say here.) The Miracu Meshfill thread is one that is already built to be a holiday combo treatment. This polydioxanone thread can be combined with dermal filler to simultaneously perform both anti-aging treatments at once for an ultimate refresh on sagging skin. Meshfill offers patients who want dramatic results, while in a time crunch or without having to undergo an invasive procedure, a non-surgical facelift alternative.

With Meshfill on your treatment menu, patients will have this on their holiday prep checklist faster than you can say “non-surgical!” In fact, Meshfill can be done 2 weeks before Christmas.

Holiday combo treatments are one of the best ways to set up your practice for easy, ongoing return on investment, patient retention, and overall revenue growth. While you may assume that major November and December holidays mean patients will be less likely to come into your office, that’s not the case whatsoever. Patients may be busy, but they certainly want to look good during all that busyness.

So whether you pair ViviscalPRO with your routine hair restoration procedures or combine Sylfirm X with BENEV Exosomes for glowing, camera-ready faces, trust that BENEV will help you sail smoothly throughout the tail end of 2023.

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