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Forte Fix provides superior traction, hold, and fixation through 4-Dimensional multi-bi-directional blocking technology with heatless press sculpting. This innovative technology raises the hypodermis more evenly by balancing the movement of the central volume through selective targeting of the Traction and Supporting Areas.


Enhance Dual Action Technology

Deep butterfly-shaped cogs with 2.0mm of interval for horizontal fixation. Round shaped hook cogs (upward & downward) with 2.3mm of interval for anchoring and vertical fixation.

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Manufacturing Process

Forte Fix's superior traction is enhanced by press sculpting without heat treatment technology. This advanced manufacturing method preserves the thread shape for an extended time.

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4D Multi Bi-Directional Blocking  Technology

Forte Fix's dual action technology is enhanced by blocking its horizontal fixation of butterfly-shaped cogs and the vertical fixation of its round-shaped hook cogs,  providing 360 degrees of superior fixation.

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