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Tabasum Mir, MD, Talks Miracu® PDO Threads

Tabasum Mir, MD, is a leading expert in “elastic-plastic surgery,” minimally invasive medical cosmetic treatments that deliver dramatic, long-lasting results without putting patients under the knife. With nearly twenty years of experience, Dr. Mir has refined her techniques as a cosmetic surgeon and refined her reputation as a top industry expert. She practices in New York and Florida—from the New York City–based office that she founded, MirSkin Aesthetics, and in Miami at the Gentera Center for Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mir is an active member of the aesthetics community. She has done ongoing speaking engagements at industry conferences like The Aesthetic Show and Vegas Cosmetic Surgery; television appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, the Early Show with CBS, and WNBC’s Live at Five; and she has also been featured in Vogue, Allure, Esquire, and People magazine. Tabasum is a member of many professional organizations, including the American Medical Academy, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Tabasum Mir

As an authority in non-surgical treatment methods, the Miracu® PDO thread line is key in Dr. Mir’s practice. Dr. Mir is known for her “specialized approach” to patients’ PDO thread procedures—something made possible with Miracu®’s extensive selection of medical-grade, absorbable sutures. Learn more from Tabasum Mir, MD, in this exclusive Miracu® Provider Q&A! She took some time with us to answer a few questions about Miracu® PDO threads, from their efficacy on sagging skin, the best combinations, to their unforgettable results on Brad Pitt’s doppelgänger.

What is your favorite thread that Miracu® offers and why?

"I absolutely love the Meshfill threads and the Elasty Line from MIRACU®! The Meshfill threads were my gateway to discovering Miracu®, and I was instantly fascinated by their ability to volumize depressions like the nasolabial area and the option to add filler for even more volume without any unsightly migration issues. I was so obsessed with getting my hands on them!"

"As for the Elasty Line, they are fantastic lifting threads! The incredible lift they provide is just remarkable. With two sizes available, I can focus on the midface and lower face areas, achieving superior results. It’s truly a game-changer in my facial rejuvenation procedures. Miracu® products have been a game-changer in my practice!"

What was your first experience using Miracu® PDO threads like?

"The first experience until now has been amazing, and I have consistently achieved excellent results with each session."

What do you love most about the Miracu® PDO thread line?

"What I find truly remarkable about the Miracu® thread line is the extensive range of threads available, allowing me to customize the treatment for various lifting patterns, skin types, and skin laxity levels. Moreover, I am particularly impressed by the robust strength of the threads and their lifting barbs, which contribute to outstanding results."

What combination treatments have you been able to perform now that you have the Miracu® PDO thread line in your office?

"As an oculofacial plastic surgeon with a thriving non-surgical patient base, I encounter individuals of various age ranges who may not be ready for surgery. I always emphasize that threads are particularly beneficial for mild to moderate sagging, providing an excellent intermediate option between injectables and surgery. Threads offer a remarkable way to lift the skin without resorting to surgical procedures."

How have our Forte threads changed your approach to PDO thread treatments?

"Using threads has enabled me to achieve better definition and contour for my patients’ faces while reducing the reliance on excessive fillers. People are becoming more aware of the pitfalls of overfilled faces and are opting for more natural-looking results. Threads offer a wonderful alternative that promotes a balanced and refined appearance, aligning with the current trend of seeking subtlety and enhancement over artificiality."

Can you share a patient case that completely transformed the way you use PDO threads, thanks to Miracu®?

"I had this amazing 68-year-old male patient who could easily pass for an aging Brad Pitt! He was such a delight, but he was quite hesitant about surgery and had a strong dislike for his jowls. So, I decided to work my magic using a combo of the Forte and Elasty Line, applying a specialized pattern along his jawline to lift those pesky jowls and give him a sharp, defined jawline. The results were simply incredible! He now visits me every eight months, and guess what? He’s found love! He’s been dating a lovely woman, and they’re planning to tie the knot next year. Seeing such transformations and happy outcomes is what makes my job truly rewarding!"

Can you tell us more about your PDO thread trainings?

"As a surgeon, my training was incredibly rigorous, thorough, and demanded meticulous attention to details. I draw inspiration from my own surgical journey while training others. My primary focus is on teaching with utmost precision, instilling good habits from the very beginning, and ensuring that new practitioners feel completely at ease with inserting PDO threads, understanding lifting patterns, and crafting the perfect lift. By imparting my knowledge and experience, I aim to empower fellow practitioners to deliver exceptional results and build confidence in their skills."

“If you could describe the Forte in one word, what would it be?”


Tabasum Mir, MD, is just one of many Miracu® providers who are seeing Miracu® PDO threads become an essential anti-aging tool in their practice. Learn more about the complete Miracu® line from even more industry experts and providers at the upcoming Miracu® Aesthetic Elite Summit—set to be THE PDO thread event of 2023! Register here to get started.

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