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Looking Back While Anticipating What’s Next: Our 2023 Review

Here we are with another incredible year in the books. For those who’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ll know that 2023 brought all-new functional aesthetic technologies, conferences, and clinical developments to the BENEV community. To put it simply: 2023 was a fruitful year.

We launched two new additions, Viviscal™PRO for thinning hair and EXO Balm for post-treatment recovery. We hosted our very first Miracu® Aesthetic Elite Summit in Miami Beach, Florida, and added nearly 50 publications to our ever-growing portfolio of clinical studies and media features. (Cheers to that this New Year’s Eve!)

Yes, BENEV is dominating the medical aesthetics world at a rapid pace, but let’s also acknowledge the fact that this is a $15.4 billion industry—projected to reach $25.9 billion by 2028. Botox, plastic surgery, and other less invasive procedures (like laser facials) were once considered “extreme,” but anti-aging treatments are now widely accepted by all genders of many generations.

No one wants to see themselves age. So if you can preserve your youth and retain your confidence, then why not treat yourself to a treatment or two?

BENEV was established in 2000 as an FDA-registered pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and medical device company. Our corporation was founded with an intent to provide innovative, results-driven products to the global aesthetic market. We look beyond the latest fads and beauty trends, and instead, focus on creating technologies that stand the test of time—always adding value to your practice and reliably delivering outcomes that surpass patients’ wildest dreams.

“All BENEV products are developed, formulated, and manufactured in our own FDA-registered lab in compliance with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices.”

The BENEV team worked tirelessly in 2023 to transform the industry: Over these last twelve months, select innovations like Sylfirm X, Viviscal™PRO, and Miracu® PDO threads have been spotlighted by over 36 media outlets and thoroughly evaluated in 10 clinical studies. Myriad field professionals back our anti-aging solutions, but… what does next year have in store?

Generally, we encourage medical aesthetic providers to prep by selectively curating their treatment menus, creating a diverse arsenal that can address more indications than just a few. Cover all your bases! From surgical, nonsurgical, to no-downtime treatments, quality skincare products, and regenerative aftercare like BENEV Exosomes, your practice should aim to be patients’ one-stop-shop.

Now is also a great time to reassess goals accomplished in 2023 and goals to be set in 2024. (Strategic planning will get your practice a lot farther in this competitive industry than taking things day by day.) This reassessment can hone in on desires to expand clientele, establish additional revenue streams, or finally achieve ROI.

With any one “Fab Five” element in your office, success in 2024 is simplified. Develop a comprehensive hair restoration plan with Viviscal, or reposition sagging skin for a transformed, totally snatched complexion thanks to Miracu®. Whichever expert-backed device you have, it’s sure great to be part of our X-Class family.

Learn more about Sylfirm X, BENEV Exosomes, Miracu® PDO threads, Viviscal™PRO, or SmartLux on our website

Happy New Year!
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