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A “Fab” Practice Starts with THESE Five Products!

This may not be totally new news to providers, but curating a wide, diverse, results-driven array of treatment offerings takes time. Sure, having the essentials like laser facials or a medical-grade skincare line is attractive to patients, but the fact is that you need to have an ultra strong, nearly impenetrable aesthetic arsenal, fit to treat all patient skin types, concerns, age ranges, and more. Of course, it may take some trial and error to determine which workhorses are best for your practice’s individual needs. But lucky for busy practitioners, we’ve done the research—and the development—for you. So get comfortable and read on to discover the “Fab Five” by BENEV. Just one (or all five!) of these hot aesthetic commodities could be just what your practice is missing.

Sylfirm X

We are continuously blown away by the world’s first and only dual wave radiofrequency microneedling device. Sylfirm X is on par with many of the industry’s top RFMN technologies—and perhaps it’s even in the lead. The ability to address dermal issues like skin discoloration, laxity, tone, texture, and the appearance of scars is unequivocally enhanced by two powerful modes: Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulsed Wave (PW). Each effectively treats dermal irregularities even further as providers have four unique wavelengths per mode to choose from. What sets the Sylfirm X apart from other devices is not just its researched-backed efficacy. Yes, that is a considerable benefit, but the way in which the Sylfirm X can adapt to various skin conditions on patients of ALL skin types… Well, that just makes it a no-brainer purchase for any practitioner.

The bottom line: With just one addition to your treatment menu, you can unlock a broader patient base—no matter their skin color!

Miracu® PDO Threads

Surgical treatments, while invasive, often offer a more refined, dramatic result than what a routine in-office treatment can deliver. But don’t think that your practice has lost a leg up on the surgical competition. Miracu® PDO threads are medical-grade, absorbable sutures that serve as a fantastic alternative to traditional facelifts. The complete Miracu® line comprises the Elasty Line, Meshfill, Forte, and Forte Fix. (To dive more into product specs and what the experts have to say, click here.) Each PDO thread is custom-created to tackle sagging skin from a different approach. So the beauty of having Miracu® PDO threads in your practice lies in their ability to reverse aging in several ways: A single thread, a combination of Miracu® threads, OR a combination of Miracu® and other PDO thread brands can all present an ideal anti-aging treatment plan for your patients.

The bottom line: These PDO threads are the non-surgical facelift alternative your patients are looking for—and they don’t skimp out on beautiful results. Miracu® treatments are safe, effective, and last for up to 24 months!

BENEV Exosomes

Maybe your medical aesthetic practice doesn’t need any new devices, and your treatment menu seems to cater to the clientele that you’d like it to. Fair enough. However, we’d be doing you a disservice to not discuss treatment aftercare. BENEV Exosomes are the finishing touch that your treatments are likely missing and that your patients are likely wanting. These tiny cellular vesicles, responsible for cell-to-cell communication, deliver revitalizing growth factors, coenzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and more to treated areas. Available in three potent formulas for in-clinic or at-home use, topically applied BENEV Exosomes jump-start the recovery process to ultimately reveal even better results in a shorter amount of time.

The bottom line: BENEV Exosomes offer reprieve from extensive downtime and post-procedure inflammation, and they also amplify overall results.


Healthy, revitalized skin has never been easier—at least with SmartLux, a premium SLD (Super Luminous Diode) phototherapy device. Through a technologically advanced combination of low-powered and infrared wavelengths, SmartLux uses SLDs to your patients’ dermal benefit by generating a high intensity that, in turn, offers enhanced clinical benefits. Choose from four light options, and allow patients to sit back, relax, and let the power of smart light stimulation restore their skin to an optimal glow. The best part? Achieving ROI can be done in a way that works for you! SmartLux, a versatile addition, can be advertised as a primary treatment or as one that complements your other routine procedures.

The bottom line: Promote a better self-care ritual with SmartLux, smart light stimulation for rejuvenated, healthy skin like never before. *To learn more about the science, technology, and indications of SmartLux, click here.


A medical-grade skincare line is practically required in an aesthetic practice, but interestingly enough, not much thought is given to providing a hair care line. Viviscal™PRO is a clinically proven, drug-free solution to thinning hair, and it’s available in a shampoo, conditioner, elixir, and dietary supplement. Like BENEV’s “Fab Five,” patients can choose to use just one or all of these products at once to promote thicker, more luscious-looking locks.

Hair growth experts crafted Viviscal™PRO using more than 25 years of research, and today, over 2,500 dermatologists recommend it. And it’s also celebrity-loved! Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon have reported to Glamour and InStyle that they use Viviscal “religiously” and “to keep [hair] healthy.”

The bottom line: Viviscal™PRO is available in four rejuvenating products, all of which are the perfect supplement to hair restoration treatments OR a fantastic stand-alone solution to thinning hair!

Honorable Mention: BENEV Skincare

Welcome to Growth Factor Galore, exclusively with the BENEV Skincare line. A myriad of potent products are ready to stock your skincare shelves, and trust us when we say they are jam-packed with all of the nourishing goodies that the skin needs before, in between, and after treatment. Medical aesthetic practices especially love the masks and growth factors (e.g., the GF Hair Care Complex + and GF Hydrogel Moisturizing Mask).

The bottom line: Don’t let patients walk out of your office empty-handed! Stock your skincare shelves with products that the industry’s most renowned providers trust: BENEV Skincare.

In case you haven’t heard, the upcoming X-Class Aesthetic Elite Summit is a three-day event set in Newport Beach, California, and it's THE place to learn more about the Fab Five. We hope to see you there!

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