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Restore the Skin Using Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

Non-invasive therapies are gaining prominence in the medical aesthetics industry for their ability to deliver significant, skin-rejuvenating results without the need for intensive downtime. According to recent clinical studies, low level light therapy (LLLT) can be used to treat various skin conditions such as, but not limited to, wrinkles, acne scars, burns, and vitiligo.
Low level light therapy is a painless, therapeutic modality that relies on a low power light source; it may also be referred to as a photobiomodulation therapy as it causes photochemical reactions that may result in reduced inflammation, improved recovery response, enhanced blood circulation and cell proliferation. Generally, low level light therapy brings about healthier and younger looking skin—exactly what aesthetic patients are looking for.
Using multiple wavelengths of light to promote holistic skin recovery, the SmartLux is a phototherapy device designed to stimulate cell reproduction. SmartLux by BENEV just hit the market, and stands alongside other leading technologies like Sylfirm X dual wave RFMN and high tensile strength Miracu® PDO threads.
The technology behind SmartLux relies on medical SLDs (Superluminescent Diodes) to generate a high intensity—verified by spectrometer measurements—that will ultimately deliver better patient outcomes. Its overall efficacy is far superior to that of other devices and even backed by multiple research papers and clinical studies. We expect medical aesthetic practitioners to use SmartLux in their practice as a stand alone treatment, or in conjunction with post care for Botox, fillers, plastic surgeries, and more.
Now, for the key features you need to know. An expansive overhead panel combines three out of four light wavelengths: 420nm, 590nm, 635nm, and 830nm. Based on individual patient needs, users can set the SmartLux to specific wavelengths in order to best address various indications or increase its therapeutic effects. And of course, the SmartLux panel was designed to promote ultimate flexibility, as you can adjust the head’s height and fold its panels when treating certain indication sites and/or based on patients’ positioning.
The panel itself is contoured, allowing SmartLux SLDs to address target areas at more narrow divergence angles that can be anywhere between 25° to 30°. The SmartLux was specifically designed to enhance the benefits of low level light therapy by providing physicians with the necessary freedom to impress every patient, no matter their treatment area or concern.
Other standout features include its fan-based cooling system. In order to prevent the high intensity Superluminescent Diodes from overheating, the SmartLux cooling system ensures a constant energy output and longer SLD lifespan.
How does the SmartLux benefit medical aesthetic practices? This industry has been and will likely continue to be on the rise; Everyone wants to look and feel their best—men and women of all ages and walks of life. The SmartLux will not only offer practitioners another high quality technology to add to their treatment menu, but will also widen their abilities to deliver the best results to their patients. Post SmartLux treatment, patients can enjoy glowing, youthful-looking, and healthy skin. Or, patients can receive initially incredible results from other treatments like lasers, aesthetic injectables, EBDs, or plastic surgeries… only for them to be further enhanced by a post treatment SmartLux session.

The bottom line: SmartLux restores patients’ skin thanks to low level light therapy (LLLT), a painless therapeutic modality. Treatment accommodations are made possible with multiple light wavelengths, adjustable device settings such as energy intensity, treatment time, and continuous or pulsed wave modes—ensuring medical aesthetic practitioners are set up for skin restoration success with SmartLux.
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