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We’re Celebrating YOU! Join Us for Our First Ever BENEV X-Class Aesthetic Elite Summit (B.A.E.S.)

Enjoy the fresh sea breeze with beautiful oceanside views. Kick up your feet and relax at Newport Beach’s newest luxury resort and spa, the Vea. Party California style with top aesthetic doctors from across the country. Dine at some of the finest restaurants in town and shop ‘til you drop at Fashion Island, one of the nation’s best outdoor malls…

And all the while, improve yourself and your practice by learning more about the latest treatments, technologies, and informational didactics in aesthetic medicine! The BENEV X-Class Aesthetic Elite Summit (B.A.E.S.) will be a 3-day extravaganza you won’t want to miss. This is our first ever customer appreciation and success event, where we celebrate current BENEV users like you — especially those of you in our Sylfirm X family!

The B.A.E.S. event will take place starting from Friday, November 11 to Sunday, November 13. Guests will receive a warm welcome by our cocktail reception, beginning promptly at 7PM. But don’t worry — there’s plenty to do under the warm sunshine and ocean breeze of Newport Beach, CA! Whether you’re in need of a serene spa day at the Vea or a scenic walk on the sandy California beaches, this weekend won’t be dedicated to only learning and expanding your practice. This is also your much-needed chance to relax and enjoy a weekend getaway.

BENEV customers can expect to hear from 25+ highly respected and well-known industry pioneers, including Dr. Chad Deal, MD; Dr. Suneel Chilukuri, MD, FAAD, FACS; Dr. Diane Duncan, MD, FACS and more. Guests will learn directly from the experts, while also observing live treatment demonstrations with leading BENEV technologies like the dual wave radiofrequency microneedling revolution, the Sylfirm X and our array of high tensile strength Miracu® PDO Threads. Guests may even ask our featured top docs questions about their treatment techniques, how to optimize patients’ results, and of course, the BENEV Regenerative Trifecta.

The X-Class Aesthetic Elite Summit will even unveil completely new products to our BENEV family, which we will also be performing our live treatment demos with so you can see for yourself just how these new additions can prove to be valuable assets to your practice. And if you’re interested in any of our newly launched products, BENEV customers like our Sylfirm X users will also receive exclusive pricing upon purchasing.

Come Saturday night, that’s when the real fun begins. After a full day of immersing yourself in the latest advancements in medical aesthetics, we will be throwing a massive BENEV Bash! Party the night away with top doctors (they like to party, too!) and enjoy a break from the busy life of the aesthetics industry. We’re celebrating you, our BENEV family, so get ready for a weekend to remember, exclusive savings and access to new products, swag bags, and side-by-side learning with leading experts!

*The BENEV X-Class Aesthetic Elite Summit is for current BENEV customers only. If you are not a current user, become a Sylfirm X provider before October 31, 2022 to register for the event.

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