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The Secret Behind Dr. Glynis Ablon’s Hair Restoration Treatments

In case you haven’t heard, an increasing amount of aesthetic patients are prioritizing hair care—in fact, tending to those precious locks is quickly becoming just as important as having a potent, dermatologist-recommended skin care routine. Leading industry publications like NewBeauty speculate that certain stand-alone and combination hair treatments are on the rise, and as the media buzzes about this new era in the beauty industry, top docs are buzzing too.

Dr. Glynis Ablon

Glynis Ablon, MD, FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist, an associate clinical professor at UCLA’s School of Medicine, and the owner and director of Ablon Skin Institute & Research Center located in Manhattan Beach, California. Early on in her career, Dr. Ablon knew that dermatology would be an immensely gratifying practice. She loves helping people feel good about themselves again, refining their appearance to reflect their best, most youthful self. Using non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Ablon revitalizes the skin (and hair) from head to toe.

We sat down with Glynis to discuss why, how, when, and where she uses Sylfirm X, Viviscal™PRO, and BENEV Exosomes for total scalp and hair restoration.

Sylfirm X is a dual wave RF microneedling device, designated to address various dermal concerns. However, it is also safe for use on the scalp to stimulate cell revitalization! Post Sylfirm X sesh, topically applying BENEV Exosomes to the treated area can fast-track a patient’s recovery, significantly reducing their overall downtime and magnifying their existing results. Dr. Ablon has “seen BENEV ERC+ used topically, post Sylfirm X treatment, to flood scalp cells with growth factors, vitamins, [and] peptides, and used Exosome (cell messengers) to aid in stimulating a healthy scalp foundation, which is the optimal environment for new hair cells to flourish.”

Many patients assume that in order to replenish hair loss, they should just load up on concentrated shampoos, supplements, and hair masks, or maybe even switch to a silk pillowcase, but it’s actually the scalp that should be nourished first and foremost. How can you grow flowers in soil you never water? This is how Sylfirm X “can help with both hair quality and hair growth by addressing scalp cells” FIRST.

“Sylfirm X and Exosomes are safe on all skin types,” Dr. Ablon says. “This combination treatment is great to be used on the scalp for anyone with thinning hair, hair loss, or even a receding hairline.” When used to revitalize the skin, Sylfirm X delivers immediate results. But when used to improve scalp health, the transformation is not overnight. “Full results are typically not seen for about 3 months, but most patients noticed a significant improvement in hair growth and hair health after the first few treatments.”

Sylfirm X + BENEV Exosomes Aftercare

This combination therapy is what we like to call Step One. It’s all about the scalp, creating the perfect space for new, healthier hair to populate—and to remain on the head. Step Two aims to capitalize on this renewed environment, flushing the scalp with enriching ingredients that jump-start hair growth.

Post Sylfirm X and Exosomes, Dr. Ablon recommends “combining Viviscal™PRO supplements and their shampoo/conditioner line for post-treatment. The supplement is a great at-home solution that you take twice a day to provide your body with the nutrients that have been clinically proven to increase overall hair growth and health.”

Viviscal™PRO is the most well-backed hair care line on the market (products include a shampoo and conditioner, an elixir, and dietary supplements), and that is a HUGE reason why Dr. Ablon integrated it into her office’s Hair Regrowth Program. “Viviscal™PRO supplements are vitamins that you can incorporate into your daily routine that have been clinically proven to help with hair growth, thickness and overall hair health,” she explains. “These supplements are formulated with an exclusive AminoMar™ complex, which is essentially a combination of vitamins and minerals that over 10 studies and 25 years of research have proven to help patients grow thicker and fuller hair in as little as 3 months.”


So the dynamic duo now evolves into a Regenerative Trifecta. The combined anti-aging power of Sylfirm X, BENEV Exosomes, and Viviscal™PRO tackle one of the biggest signs of aging from all possible angles. “There are so many factors that contribute to hair loss—hormones, genetics, stress, environment—that we sometimes can’t control,” says Dr. Ablon. But in this exclusive interview, we got the 411: This trio is everything you need to combat patients’ diminishing scalp health and thinning hair!

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