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Read All About It! BENEV Featured in NewBeauty

To get the inside scoop on all things aesthetics, beauty consumers turn to the industry’s leading authority: NewBeauty magazine. Using a trend-driven approach, NewBeauty discusses, essentially, what’s hot or not these days, from the latest skincare products to breakthrough treatments that every beauty guru needs to have on their radar.

In partnership with NewBeauty, BENEV Company Inc. has released numerous features highlighting various components of the famed “Fab Five.” (AKA Sylfirm X, Miracu® PDO threads, BENEV Exosomes, Viviscal™PRO, and SmartLux) It seems like everyone is abuzz about BENEV—medical aesthetic providers, patients, researchers, as well as other industry publications. So in case you missed it, here are the top articles you need to bookmark and read ASAP!

Who wants to see more hair on their brush than on their head? (No one!) At the first sign of thinning hair or hair loss, most might run to the drugstore for Biotin supplements, hair masks, and other self-proclaimed solutions. However, establishing a healthy scalp first is foundational to restore those locks to what they once were. Using BENEV’s Exosome Regenerative Complex + to address the scalp and Viviscal™PRO to jumpstart hair growth, you’ll discover the fountain of youth.

“The Post-Treatment Recovery Complex Experts Love” After a chemical peel or microneedling treatment, patients’ skin will undoubtedly be in a fragile state; they may experience inflammation, sensitivity to the sun or light, and mild discomfort. To that, Dr. Suneel Chilukuri and Dr. Richard Jin recommend Exosomes. Find out why—and what these tiny nanoparticles even are—in the full article!

“Why Sylfirm X and Exosomes Are the Latest Scalp-Rejuvenation Treatment Everyone Is Talking About” ERC+ is a great way to revitalize the scalp, but because it’s primarily a post-treatment topical, this regenerative formula works better in pairs. Sylfirm X harnesses more regenerative power, employing dual PW and CW waves to specifically target the scalp with radiofrequency microneedling. Post procedure, ERC+ can swoop in to magically renew the treated area, revealing a stronger, healthier scalp fit for future healthy hair growth.

NewBeauty’s BeautyPass Live event, hosted in New York City, is a one-night, invite-only exclusive for club members to be the very first to try globally renowned products in the aesthetics space. Among those products? BENEV’s Sylfirm X device.

Trending both then and now, Sylfirm X is the world’s first and only dual wave RF microneedling device that, unlike other competitors on the market, can treat more than just skin laxity. Sylfirm X addresses skin discoloration, tone, texture, and other dermal irregularities, delivering a complete, non-invasive refresh. 

But if your patients want to go all in on sagging skin, look no further than Miracu® PDO threads. Dr. Jessie Cheung offers these absorbable sutures in her practice, because “anyone can benefit from the lifting and collagen-stimulation effects of PDO threads.” Also a non-invasive treatment method, PDO threads surpass surgical facelifts as they present an equally effective option—without the surgery.

We tapped Beverly Hills dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD, for the inside scoop on Miracu® PDO threads. According to her, “The younger that you start, the better [it works] to remodel the tissue, boost collagen production and elastin, and ensure that the cells are programmed to act younger.” Miracu® certainly won’t make surgical facelifts obsolete, but they definitely present a strong alternative for patients who aren’t quite ready to go under the knife. Thanks to non-invasive options like PDO threads, Dr. Shamban now has “a very long list of non-invasive treatments that work to combat aging.” Get the full scoop by reading the full feature!

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