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Tried and True: Practitioners’ Favorite BENEV Products

Amidst all the excitement for Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t help but spread the love, too. In this case, it’s for the nationwide medical aesthetic practitioners who love, trust, and continually utilize the BENEV Regenerative Trifecta in their everyday practices.
BENEV is a US FDA registered medical aesthetics manufacturer, specializing in pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products. Users are likely familiar with BENEV’s messaging in that the company is designed to BENefit EVeryone; We have successfully launched a myriad of science-backed and results-driven technologies—ranging from Sylfirm X dual wave radiofrequency microneedling (RFMN) and the high tensile strength, diverse thread portfolio of Miracu® polydioxanone (PDO) threads.
Each BENEV innovation has been steadily building a respective presence in the medical aesthetics industry, from social media to practitioners’ offices. So without further ado, allow us to introduce you to some of our favorite X-Class practices…

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Sylfirm X, BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes

The Sylfirm X has been clinically proven to treat various skin conditions and colors: scar minimization, skin discoloration and laxity, even providing overall skin revitalization. Since treatment depths begin at 0.3mm (unlike 0.5mm, like most RFMN devices) and go up to 4.00mm, the Sylfirm X enables users to wholly coagulate the epidermal junction—where the root of many pigment-related skin issues lay.
When used in conjunction with the BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes (ERC and ERC+), Beauty Culture Medical Spa enhances their next level RF microneedling.
How? BENEV Exosomes are designated for topical post treatment application, as a way to not only 1) enhance patients’ results, but also 2) quicken recovery, 3) strengthen the skin’s barrier, and 4) improve its function.

Connecticut: Westport, Trumbull, Hamden, and Greenwich

The Regenerative Trifecta: Sylfirm X, BENEV Exosomes, Miracu® PDO Threads

Dolce Vida Medical Spa is a proud X-Class practice, with the complete Regenerative Trifecta. However, we are truly impressed by their love and loyalty to Miracu® PDO threads. This East Coast practice is run by renowned “Miracu® Master Trainer” Scott Callahan, PA-C. Throughout the year, he hosts Dolce Vida Symposiums for industry professionals across the country. Mainly geared towards Miracu® PDO threads, attendees can learn directly from Callahan as he goes in-depth about the various threads, their purposes, and how to optimize them for two-way practitioner and patient success. Way to go, Scott Callahan for choosing Miracu® and expanding others’ knowledge and understanding of this premier PDO line.

Fort Collins, Colorado

BENEV Exosomes: NEW BENEV ExoBalm

Diane Duncan, MD, FACS is the owner and medical director of Plastic Surgical Associates. She is an award-winning and globally recognized plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Most notably, Dr. Duncan has been acknowledged by America’s Top Surgeons, is a passionate educator in her field, an editorial board member for the Aesthetic Journal of Surgery, and in her free time, conducts FDA level clinical trials.
Dr. Duncan has shown the most interest in BENEV Exosomes. So much so that after continual use of the ERC and ERC+ formulas, she single-handedly developed BENEV ExoBalm. By combining the lyophilized ERC with squalane and lipids, Dr. Duncan applied this in-house formula to her patient, Lisa who was suffering from severe burns caused by radiation therapy.
The ExoBalm will be a take-home option for post treatment care, enabling patients to enhance their outcomes and downtime in the comfort of their own home.

Williamsville, New York

Sylfirm X, BENEV Exosomes

This X-Class practice was smart about their BENEV purchase by strategically adding Sylfirm X and BENEV Exosomes into their treatment offerings—the first in their area! Like most practices, Buffalo Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics utilizes the restorative properties of exosomes with multiple treatments, including chemical peels, microneedling and Sylfirm X RF microneedling, dermabrasion, and more.

Rogers, Arkansas

Miracu® PDO Threads

Erin Courtway, APRN is the owner and lead nurse practitioner and injector at Prism Aesthetics. She is a social media sensation for her work as a medical aesthetics professional, and goes by the well known handle @therainbowinjector. Despite her fame as an aesthetic injector, however, we love Prism Aesthetics for their integration of Miracu® PDO threads into their practice.
Some of our top Miracu® Master Trainers have attested that Miracu® offers a thread for everyone. Literally. Whether practitioners choose the Forte Basic for a stronger hold on lax skin or the more advanced Miracu® MESHfill for dynamic tissue amalgamation with an extra “umph” by adding dermal fillers to the MESHfill thread.

Are you an X-Class practice? Tell us more about your practice, which BENEV products you have incorporated into your treatment menu, and why you love your Sylfirm X, Miracu® threads, etc. We would love to share more BENEV Insiders with our diverse community of like-minded professionals. Who knows, you may even get “a little lucky” and be featured in an upcoming practice spotlight! *wink, wink*

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