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Top Treatments to Nourish the Scalp and Enhance Hair Growth

Dermatology offices and medical aesthetic spas may be able to attest to this: It seemed as though skincare was all the rage in 2022. Patients were steadily becoming more interested in curating the ideal skincare routine for their unique skin, or finding the perfect product(s) that would effectively address more specific concerns like acne or pigmentation. Needless to say, there are plenty of available options for overall skin rejuvenation, whether that be radiofrequency microneedling treatments, chemical peels or recurring laser sessions, medical grade skincare… you get the gist.
Aesthetic patients had the past year to take their deep dive into the world of dermal health, creating specialized plans for themselves and learning tips and tricks from online influencers, media famous “top docs,” and board certified dermatologists. But now, we are entering an era of hair care. It may be important to note that this doesn’t have as much to do with inevitable hair loss as it does with the newfound prioritization of self care as a whole. More and more people are concerned with general hair loss (which may be onset by age, stress, or damage) and/or taking preventative measures against it while they still can—point blank, patients are looking for regenerative treatments that can target their hair.
This month, BENEV Company Inc., the leading FDA-registered manufacturer of functional aesthetic technologies, scoured the extensive market for the most effective hair-regenerating treatments. In the end, these top two products earned our seal of approval.
To start, BENEV Exosomes offer two potent formulas: Exosome Regenerative Complex (ERC) and Exosome Regenerative Complex + (ERC+), which are both ideal for enhancing post procedure recovery. Exosomes are quickly dominating the once celebrity-renowned vampire facials (say bye-bye to PRP!) as they are an entirely non-invasive approach to skin and scalp revitalization. When addressing the scalp during treatment, BENEV formulas establish the ideal environment for maintaining holistic scalp health and rich hydration.

In clinical settings, BENEV Exosomes have produced incredible outcomes for patients looking to refresh their dry, lackluster scalp—especially in comparison to platelet-rich plasma outcomes.

Viviscal™ PRO is a relatively new treatment option for increasing hair growth. After more than twenty five years of continued research, Viviscal™ supplements have been clinically proven to aid in hair loss. This twice-a-day 100% drug-free supplement can produce the full results of thick, voluminous hair in as little as three to six months. Whether patients are looking to increase their current cycles of hair growth or replenish lost hair due to natural aging or the intensive effects of stress, Viviscal™ PRO is a trusted hair restorative treatment option by aesthetic physicians. Aside from stronger hair and increased scalp coverage, patients can also expect a 12% increase in hair diameter and up to an 80% increase in overall terminal hairs.

The bottom line is: Perhaps it’s not that skincare and now, hair care are becoming “all the rage,” but self care as a whole. We encourage medical aesthetic providers to do their due diligence by investigating the latest beauty trends, patients’ current interests, and how you, as a practitioner, can improve practice offerings with popular, clinically backed treatments—like BENEV Exosomes and Viviscal™ PRO!
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