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The Ins and Outs: Marketing Your Aesthetic Practice for Success and Overall Growth

When your practice offers some of the best technologies available in aesthetic medicine… That’s great! However, one thing that most practices struggle with is how to market those devices and get patients to book their appointments!

As an aesthetic practitioner, you may have purchased a certain device for reasons that resonate with you. Take Miracu® PDO Threads, for example; You might choose to incorporate Miracu® into your practice because these are high tensile strength, absorbable, medical-grade sutures with versatile thread options. Patients, on the other hand, don’t choose to undergo PDO thread treatments for these reasons. All patients are results-driven, and that’s why it’s important to translate complex terminology about your aesthetic devices into enticing language that will attract patients to your practice (a.k.a. marketing)!

Whether you’re unsure of how to successfully execute your marketing strategy, or just need a few helpful tips, BENEV has crafted this list of tried-and-true methods to setting up your practice for marketing success!


BENEV’s Top 5 Tips for Marketing Your Practice

01. Maintain Your Social Media Presence

It’s no secret that we’ve entered a digital age, and that means digital marketing has become an essential component to running any successful business. Now more than ever, consumers are spending a large chunk of their day (whether it’s personal or work related) on their phones and/or computers.

So as an aesthetic practice, how can you market your services online to reach your target audiences? Well, the answer is simple: get social! By building your social media presence on relevant platforms (ones that are most used by your target audience) and creating fun, valuable content for potential patients, your aesthetic practice can digitally stand out above the rest.

02.Don’t Focus Your Marketing ONLY on Your Products/Services

When potential patients explore your website, blog, or social media, they’ll likely gain a well-rounded understanding of what your practice has to offer… But when conceptualizing your marketing strategy, it’s important to think outside the box. Don’t just think about why patients may choose a Sylfirm X treatment, but also consider what might lead them to wanting a Sylfirm X treatment.

Your patients might be searching “how to revitalize my skin,” “how to improve skin irregularities,” or “restore aging skin.” Here, you can supply invaluable information that doesn’t just push a certain treatment/product your practice offers. *For example, a blog post with various options for skin revitalization (skincare, aesthetic treatments, lifestyle or diet tips) can be just the trick for pushing a particular treatment, AND displaying your practice as one with abundant, expert knowledge in your field!

03. Optimize All Digital Content for Mobile

These days, everyone is using mobile devices (in addition to tablets & laptops) to receive the latest news, do research, keep up with friends and family, and shop online — almost everything is done with our phones. So another key to unlocking marketing success for your practice is to optimize your content for compatibility across all devices. If your patients, current or potential, are browsing your digital media online, you want to ensure that they will always have an easy, direct, and user-friendly experience.

04. Monitor the Analytics

Marketing can be really fun and creative, but we can’t forget about the numbers! Analyzing the data of where your practice is and isn’t thriving might seem like something routine, but it plays a huge role in directing your marketing efforts into the right direction. Take note of the things that keep your audience engaged with your practice, so you can do more of the right things.

05. Research the Competition

Our fifth and final tip for setting up your practice for marketing success and overall growth is to know your competition. We’re not saying you need to directly compete with other practices and their treatment offerings, but it’s insightful to know how your practice lines up against others, and how you can really make your practice shine. *We suggest making it a priority to showcase your practice’s mission statement, bedside manners, how you care for individual patients and their needs, create treatment (and post treatment) plans, etc.

Curious to learn more about marketing your aesthetic practice in the social media realm? Be sure to keep up with BENEV’s blog posts and social media!

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