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Top Sylfirm X Combination Treatments, According to the Experts

The Sylfirm X has had no trouble making a name for itself in the medical aesthetics industry. This is the only U.S. patented radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device with the ability to switch between wave modalities and begin treatment anywhere from 0.3mm (DEJ) to 4.0mm. With over twenty-five clinical publications, popular media articles, and a fast-growing social media presence, the Sylfirm X has earned its reputation for being the most requested treatment of 2022.

Sylfirm X by BENEV has numerous “BENEV Insiders” standing beside this high-performance practice workhorse. The nation’s top aesthetic physicians along with leading Sylfirm X practices use and trust this revolutionary RF microneedling innovation to grow their medical aesthetics businesses and offer patients the absolute best when it comes to radiofrequency microneedling.

Some physicians like Jeffrey Rosenthal, MD believe that medical aesthetics is, at its core, a harmonious marriage between art and science; as doctors utilize advanced technology and equipment to sculpt patients’ faces and bodies, they are simultaneously—and theoretically working as an artist. As such, treatment combinations have become a popular way for medical aesthetics practitioners to stack treatments together for better results and better patient retention. See how these industry leaders are changing the game by combining Sylfirm X-perience sessions with other treatments…

William Gael, MD

Radiofrequency microneedling with the Sylfirm X is ideal for collagen and elastin production, and essentially getting that radiant, youthful glow most aesthetic patients are looking for. As the skin is gently wounded to jumpstart collagen, patients’ skin is left with “open” wounds—the perfect time for Dr. Gael to topically apply BENEV Exosomes to promote faster recovery, reduce post treatment inflammation and other conditions, and enhance overall treatment outcomes. So for Dr. William Gael, he pairs Sylfirm X RF microneedling with BENEV Exosomes, always.

Jason Emer, MD

“The Sylfirm X delivers pulsing at different levels, which is much harder to do with any other treatment. You typically only have a fixed level which doesn’t treat the superficial levels of skin that [my practice] likes to…”

Interestingly enough, Dr. Emer has been known to pair RFMN with Sylfirm X treatments. Although these may seem like the same treatment, fractional radiofrequency microneedling is more topical-based; the Sylfirm X is able to access deeper layers of skin for optimal results. Think of the Sylfirm X as an “inside the skin” treatment!

TJ Tsay, MD

Rather than a treatment combination, Dr. TJ Tsay curates a treatment trifecta of exclusively BENEV products. Using the Sylfirm X, BENEV Exosomes, and Miracu® PDO Threads, Dr. Tsay is able to dramatically revitalize the skin, correct skin laxity, and enhance recovery all in just one treatment with his Regenerative Trifecta. Check out Dr. TJ Tsay’s full treatment technique here.

What combination treatments are you creating with the Sylfirm X?

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