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The Best of BENEV: Our Summer Recap

Whether you’re new or already familiar with BENEV, we’re sure you haven’t missed out on our recent summer successes. From powerful, informative webinars to new product launches and clinical studies, the “Regenerative Trifecta” we all know and love (Miracu® PDO Threads, Sylfirm X, and BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes) has had an unforgettable summer. So as we say goodbye to what’s been an amazing season and prepare for the coming fall and winter, let’s reflect on everything BENEV has achieved in the name of medical aesthetics.

An “Aesthetic Immersion” with Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO

The Aesthetic Immersion was originally founded by Gideon Kwok, DO and Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C. Like the name implies, Aesthetic Immersion takes a deep dive into everything aesthetics-related; attendees learn more about improving treatment standards and safety protocols in their office, while fostering a new sense of community and knowledge among practitioners of all levels. With a special focus on BENEV’s Regenerative Trifecta, this live webinar delved into all things Sylfirm X, BENEV Exosomes, and Miracu®. As these practice workhorses have become “practice essentials” in thousands of offices across the U.S., this Aesthetic Immersion set practitioners up for ultimate success when it comes to rising above the competition with world-class aesthetic devices and treatments!

Didactic Webinars Hosted by Doctors JD McCoy and Chad Deal

Each month, BENEV hosts live “insider” webinars with leading aesthetic authorities to speak on how their BENEV experience has transformed their outlook on certain treatments, versatility in their offerings, and overall practice success. This past summer, we had the chance to hear from Dr. Chad Deal and Dr. JD McCoy on Miracu® PDO Threads and Sylfirm X. When you integrate Miracu® or Sylfirm X into your practice, you also integrate versatility. With an extensive PDO thread portfolio from Miracu® and the ability to choose between dual wave modalities and begin treatment from 0.3mm up to 4.0mm with Sylfirm X, BENEV products unlock the keys to success and patient satisfaction. To learn more about BENEV’s Regenerative Trifecta, we hope to see you at our upcoming fall webinars!

Vegas, Baby! The Aesthetic Show and Miracu® Forte Fix

Much of our BENEV family was anxiously awaiting the launch of our newest Miracu® Polydioxanone (PDO) thread, the Forte Fix… and during BENEV’s VIP Cocktail at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, we finally unveiled it! This butterfly-designed thread specializes in reverse vectors and tissue amalgamation. Similar to its Miracu® PDO predecessors, the Forte Fix is molded, cannulated, and multidirectional — allowing for a secure anchor onto soft tissue in all directions, and extended longevity in the thread’s overall hold. The Forte Fix employs 4-dimensional, multi bi-directional blocking technology coupled with heatless press molding to evenly raise the hypodermis by balancing the central column’s movement through selective targeting in the traction and supporting areas.

NEW Sylfirm X Developments

The Sylfirm X-perience is aesthetically acclaimed for giving a complete makeover to radiofrequency (RF) microneedling as we once knew it. With the ability to choose between dual wave modalities (Pulsed Wave or Continuous Wave), begin treatment at 0.3mm (DEJ) and increase up to 4.00mm, and see significant results after just one session, the Sylfirm X has certainly made a name for itself since its launch in 2020.

Our consumable, 25 pin (5x5) electrode tips with a 2.0mm pitch have elevated practitioners’ treatment capabilities by the thousands. Now, we are offering a newer version with our FDA 510K cleared Sylfirm X tips! Similar to our original tips, these are also consumable, but with a more tapered design and the option to choose desired electrode and pitch levels. Sylfirm X users can now access smaller, hard-to-reach contact areas during their Sylfirm X-perience sessions to target even the smallest skin concerns.

The Sylfirm X boasts 20+ clinical studies and publications proving the science behind its incredible technology, like the one and only “Na effect.” Last month, the BENEV team partnered with Dr. Raminder Saluja, MD to investigate the full capacity of the Sylfirm X’s PW mode when addressing skin discoloration. To read the latest study by board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon Dr. Raminder Saluja, click here.

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