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Gideon Kwok, DO Presents Aesthetic Immersion: An Exhibition of BENEV’s Regenerative Trifecta

The Regenerative Trifecta, or as Dr. Gideon Kwok likes to call it, the “Aesthetic Triple Threat,” is comprised of three state-of-the-art technologies — BENEV Exosomes, the Sylfirm X, and Miracu® PDO Threads. In the upcoming Aesthetic Immersion, a live webinar hosted by Dr. Kwok, we will explore everything you need to know about BENEV’s Regenerative Trifecta, and how this may be the instant treatment upgrade that you and your patients are looking for.

Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO has 15+ years of experience under his belt as a medical aesthetics professional. He is the proud owner and medical director of eight Skin Perfect Medical clinics spread out across Southern California; his clinics are nationally recognized among the top 1% of leading practices in areas such as CoolSculpting, Ulthera, and more.

Aesthetic Immersion was originally founded by Dr. Kwok and his partner with a mission at their forefront to improve the industry’s treatment standards and protocols — especially since field information, techniques, and procedures never cease to evolve. Since its conception, the Aesthetic Immersion has fostered a strong like-minded community of shared knowledge and passion among aesthetic practitioners both old and new.

What to Expect

Attendees can expect live, informational didatics, practitioner Q&As, treatment demos with BENEV devices, networking opportunities, and exclusive savings on the Regenerative Trifecta! Dr. Gideon Kwok’s Aesthetic Immersion webinar is a rare chance to explore each component of BENEV’s Regenerative Trifecta to the absolute fullest; no other event (live or virtual) has yet allowed aesthetic professionals to “immerse” themselves in BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes, Miracu® PDO Threads, or Sylfirm X.

What is the BENEV Regenerative Trifecta?

You probably know which devices make up the renowned “Regenerative Trifecta,” but here’s a quick refresh on why these devices have been specially selected and subsequently become a part of the “Aesthetic Triple Threat” of regenerative therapies and enhanced treatment outcomes. Each device is manufactured with only the highest quality materials, advanced technologies, and with benefiting practitioners and their patients in mind.

Miracu® Polydioxanone (PDO) Threads are medical grade, absorbable sutures. They are also the first pre-loaded cannulas with U.S. FDA 510K Clearance. Miracu® offers aesthetic practitioners a wide range of PDO threads to work with, which in turn, grants patients more personalized treatment plans — plus minimal downtime and pain. Each thread is individually “molded,” notcut,” which tremendously increases tensile strength *and with Miracu® Specialty Threads, tensile strength enhances up to 10-20x.

The Sylfirm X is essentially Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling as you know it… completely transformed. Dr. JongJu Na developed the Sylfirm X using his “Na effect,” which is the independent electrothermal coagulation around electrodes of bipolar radiofrequency; it’s distinguished from other bipolar RF tissue reactions (electrothermal coagulation between both electrodes). This RF device features not just 1, but 2 treatment modes – Pulse Wave (PW) and Continuous Wave (CW) modes. In essence, the Sylfirm X is the world’s first and ONLY Dual Wave RF Microneedling device. Its U.S. Patented technology offers customizable settings to treat a variety of skin types and concerns, while minimizing procedure pain and discomfort.

BENEV Exosomescome in two distinct formulas, BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complex (ERC) and BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complex Plus (ERC+). These post procedure skin care topicals are highly effective in reducing recovery time, inflammation, and prolonged healing. For aesthetic practitioners, BENEV Exosomes stand out because they are stable upon production, so handling of the product is more simple and cost-effective.

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