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Exploring Exosomes: The 2023 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip

From September 10–14, medical aesthetic professionals from all over fully immersed themselves in the regenerative world of BENEV Exosomes. The 2022 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip was a huge success, so we were delighted to bring back this experience for anyone who either missed it the first time or wanted to attend again! Exosomes are what we like to call “the next small thing” in regenerative medicine. Each vial is just under two inches tall, but they harness incredibly restorative properties that work to shorten downtime for routine medical and aesthetic treatments, and even everyday cuts and burns. With their popularity on the rise, the 2023 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip was specially geared toward the quality manufacturing practices, excellent results, and potent formulas found in BENEV Exosomes. And don’t worry—there was plenty of time for fine dining, socializing, and sightseeing!

Nothing says “Welcome” quite like a welcome gift. Upon arrival, guests received a complimentary welcome gift. For our renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), intimate dinners were arranged at Gyeongbokgung, a popular Korean barbeque restaurant, and Dokkokji, which offers traditional Korean seafood dishes. What better way to kick off the week’s activities than with the industry’s top professionals and authentic Korean cuisine?

The Demire Exhibition and Symposium explored the latest advancements in functional aesthetics, led by top physicians and KOLs. Jessie Cheung, MD, and Gretchen Frieling, MD, spoke on Sylfirm X; Richard Jin, MD, PhD, and Michael Gold, MD, spoke on BENEV Exosomes; Sheila Barbarino, MD, FAAO, FAACS, FACS, and Hyemin Pomerantz, MD, spoke on Miracu® PDO threads. Their didactic talks dove into the science behind the cutting-edge technologies that comprise the Regenerative Trifecta.

“What I find I like the most about the Exosome Regenerative Complex is not only the fact that it is versatile with other modalities that I already use in the clinic, but also the ease of use compared to the other Exosome products that come from different cell banks.”

Richard Jin, MD, PhD

“Sylfirm X is the most perfect year-round treatment for rebuilding. With this dual wave RFMN device I can treat pigmentation and vascular abnormalities. It is a force when it comes to rebuilding and redermalization.”

Gretchen Frieling, MD

Following a half day of immersive learning, now it’s time to make some incredible memories in Seoul, Korea! Attendees enjoyed traditional Korean fine dining at Danme Green Bee, a scenic adventure to the Lotte World Tower (pictured below), and late-night fun at the Myeong-Dong Shopping street, a world-famous shopping and fashion district. In Myeong-Dong, our providers soaked in the rich Korean culture, from the Korean street food, brand stores and accessories, and K-beauty—it was shopping galore! (And the perfect stop for a few souvenirs.)

Jessica Manges, ARNP Seoul, Korea

Jessica Manges, ARNP (@luxinjectables) at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Korea

Day two of the 2023 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip was entirely dedicated to BENEV Exosomes, from touring the ExoGMP factory to attending the Regenerative Aesthetic Exosome Summit (RAES) at Sofitel and the ExoCoBio after-party! THIS was exosomes education like our attendees have never experienced before, with almost a full day spotlighting the regenerative power of BENEV Exosomes. Starting off with RAES, BENEV CEO Ethan Min was the opening speaker. Informative, didactic lectures were later hosted by Michael Gold, MD; Renato Saltz, MD, FACS; Tom Seery; Richard Jin, MD, PhD; Todd Schlesinger, MD, FAAD; and Jennifer Levine, MD, gave an award acceptance speech.

Touring the ExoGMP factory gave our guests a chance to discover where the restorative magic truly happens. Our Exosomes are manufactured with the finest ingredients and rigorous manufacturing practices, ensuring a quality product that can still be offered at an affordable price. These Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)—which the 2023 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip attendees were able to witness firsthand—are what drives BENEV Exosomes toward the top as a game-changer in regenerative medicine.

ExoGMP factory exosomes

2023 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip attendees touring the ExoGMP factory

BENEV Exosomes had their due time in the limelight at this days-long event, but not without making room for Miracu® PDO threads. On day three, guests took an official tour of the DongBang Medical factory, which is where the “Miracu® Magic” happens! At the end, we even got a peek into the secret room where Elasty Line threads are molded—no cameras allowed. It was amazing to witness the heatless press sculpting and dual modeling process in-person. These key features are what make the Miracu® Elasty Line thread so special and competitive against other brands.

What many people don’t know is that Miracu® threads follow advanced manufacturing protocols, as each thread has a specific design intended for a specific use: Some product features are manufactured by hand due to the utmost precision that is required. Later, attendees did some clinic visits to see how these innovative polydioxanone threads are ideally used in-office as well as during procedures. And before the clinic tour ended, attendees savored a Korean barbeque lunch and immersed in true Korean culture with a place tour. They dressed up in traditional Korean attire (hanbok)—which we loved seeing on social media!

With such an elevated standard of practice and PDO thread development, it was only fitting that the black-tie BENEV Gala took place later that night. On the last night of the 2023 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip, it was time to celebrate in true BENEV fashion with a jazz quartet, opera singers, and attire to the nines.

It was great to see this year’s trip end on such a high note, especially as some attendees were able to enjoy the city in addition to attending the 2023 BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip. Dr. Schlesinger and Tom Seery toured as far out as the DMZ (the Korean demilitarized zone), while some providers went on full-day tours exploring the culture and beauty—or the “soul”—of Seoul.

This year’s BENEV Seoul, Korea Trip was a complete success. We are excited to explore the future of exosomes in medical and aesthetic practices, and offer more continued education opportunities for our Exosomes offices. BENEV Exosomes are the next “small” thing in regenerative medicine, and we hope you are witnessing what a HUGE impact they can make. To learn more about BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes and EXO Balm, click here.

DISCLAIMER: BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes are not drug products. They are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure diseases or medical conditions. They are not intended to be injected or delivered intravenously.

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