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Meet ExoCoBio, Our Strategic Partner in Advancing Exosomes Technology

ExoCoBio, a global leader in exosomes technology, launched in 2017, and over the past six years, has steadily worked its way to the top of exosome-based biomedicine and regenerative aesthetics. We are proud to announce that recently, ExoCoBio completed its acquisition of majority ownership of BENEV. Together, our mission is to further develop and commercialize exosomes technology for the global aesthetic market.

Like ExoCoBio, BENEV has carved a name for itself in the medical aesthetics industry. BENEV is a US FDA-registered pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and medical device manufacturer. Our signature “Regenerative Trifecta” equips practices with all the anti-aging essentials, which are the award-winning Sylfirm X, redefined Miracu® PDO threads, and BENEV Exosomes. With products like these at our forefront, BENEV is one of the fastest growing companies in the US, attaining more than 117% CAGR in total revenue over the past three fiscal years!

BENEV Exosomes (developed by ExoCoBio) are designed for post treatment recovery, working to soothe inflammation, strengthen and improve skin barrier function, and revitalize the skin for enhanced procedure outcomes. BENEV Exosomes elevate practitioners against the competition with the unique ability to cut downtime in half—and improve patients’ results at the same time. Plus, a newly developed take-home option enables patients to continue their post care even after their in-clinic treatments. Because exosomes are so effective at reducing treatment downtime (a major downside to most medical and aesthetic procedures) they are in increasingly high demand. In our strategic partnership with ExoCoBio, we intend to synergistically improve BENEV Exosomes, ensuring that our brand is unparalleled in enhancing med-aesthetic patients’ health and beauty.

Looking ahead, Byong Cho, CEO and CTO of ExoCoBio, as well as Ethan Min, CEO of BENEV, are both excited to turn exosomes into the industry’s new “mega-trend”:

“We are very pleased with this important acquisition, which will contribute to the fast growth and business expansion of ExoCoBio. BENEV is a perfect complement to our mission to bridge exosome science to clinical application to further elevate exosome technology as a mega-trend in the market.”
Byong Cho
CEO and CTO of ExoCoBio

“We are truly grateful and pleased to announce ExoCoBio’s acquisition of BENEV. We have been on a journey together as a strategic and financial partner for the last six years since the US launch of Exosome Regenerative Complex. With this acquisition, we are confident that our expertise, standing in the industry and brand, paired with ExoCoBio’s science, technology, funding, and pipeline products, will generate a strong synergy for our strategic growth in the global aesthetic market.”
Ethan Min

When physicians are choosing a regenerative exosomes line for their office, a reputable brand is often the deciding factor. ExoCoBio currently holds 54 patents and 15 scientific publications. Their best-in-class exosome products, ASCE+™ and ERC™, have sold over 3.5 million cases since their 2019 launch! Not to mention that ASCE+™ and ERC™ were awarded as “The Best Cosmetics” at the 2023 Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC).

BENEV Exosomes are the most cutting-edge biotech breakthrough for skin and scalp regeneration. As our specially formulated exosomes line, now in partnership with ExoCoBio, continues to grow and transform the standards of recovery, BENEV Exosomes are headed toward their full potential.

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