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Bring In Year-Round Revenue With These Devices

Depending on the season, some of your office’s top technologies might be gathering dust in a corner at this very moment. But as long as those technologies generate steady patient interest and revenue, some occasional dust can’t hurt anyone . . . right?

Since we are in the heart of summer, fractional CO2, IPL, and RFMN devices have probably been stored away in a dark, cobwebby closet. There just aren’t that many aesthetic technologies that work all throughout the year—downtime requirements are often the sole reason why device hibernation is a must. Of course, not all devices are seasonal. There are a select few that aesthetic practitioners have relied on to generate year-round revenue without making a major investment. Those select four comprise Miracu® PDO threads, Viviscal™PRO, SmartLux, and BENEV Exosomes.

News flash: Miracu® PDO threads are said to be the new alternative to dermal fillers. While fillers aren’t a seasonal procedure, the quality of their results compared to PDO threads defines the competition; PDO threads produce subtle, natural-looking results that rejuvenate patients’ appearance without seeming like they “had work done.” Miracu® PDO threads are FDA 510k cleared for soft tissue approximation where use of an absorbable suture is appropriate, and they effectively address signs of aging like sagging skin. These polydioxanone threads can also be mixed and matched with one another, or with other PDO thread brands.

Miracu®’s ability to tailor treatments to individual patient cases has been a driving factor in their popularity. Just like one brand of filler does not work for every patient, some Miracu® PDO threads more effectively address patients’ specific concerns than others.

Every Miracu® treatment is dynamic. Practitioners may combine an Elasty Line with a MESHfill, or a Forte Fix with another type of PDO thread, but the results have been repeatedly amazing—what patients refer to as their #MiracuMakeover.

These two modalities can be used individually and still make money for your practice throughout the year, but the best outcomes are often seen when they are used together: Viviscal™PRO and BENEV Exosomes.

Viviscal™PRO hair growth products are available in a shampoo, a conditioner, supplements, or a potent elixir. This take-home line regenerates patients’ thinning or lost hair and maximizes results from any in-clinic procedures they may already be undergoing (such as PRP therapy). Coupled with BENEV’s Exosome Regenerative Complex + (ERC+), a post treatment topical that enhances skin and scalp health, Viviscal™PRO works even better.

Take-home products allow patients to continue working toward their beauty goals without having to come in for appointments or treatments so often. A fully booked calendar might sound like “success,” but at-home products and treatments like these generate year-round revenue that your practice won’t have to think twice about! After all, refills will be inevitable . . . especially as Viviscal™ delivers thicker, fuller locks of hair in at least three months.

Similarly, the EXO Balm (another product by BENEV Exosomes) is designed for take-home use. The original ERC and ERC+ formulas are used in-clinic, post medical aesthetic treatment. However, EXO Balm was specially developed by Diane Duncan, MD, FACS, to bring the regenerative power of exosomes from practices to patients’ homes. BENEV Exosomes essentially quicken the recovery process; EXO Balm does just that by relieving sensitive, inflamed skin with intense hydrators and other rich amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and growth factors.

Bringing in year-round revenue is easiest with take-home products like Viviscal™PRO, EXO Balm, in-house or name-brand skincare lines, and more. The revenue takes care of itself, and results-proven products lead patients to regularly re-purchase their favorite products again and again.

A new standalone treatment for your office or a low-level light therapy (LLLT) that enhances existing treatment results? That is for your practice to decide. The SmartLux works to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and brighten the complexion as patients relax under this therapeutic LLLT device. For many aesthetic providers, SmartLux offers a high value for a low investment—and it is not restricted to just one use. Users may also adjust device settings to their preferences, adjusting features like energy intensity, treatment time, and continuous or pulsed wave modes. Like Miracu® PDO threads, the ability to customize treatments is what makes the SmartLux so well-received by aesthetic physicians. And because it is a low-cost treatment that can piggyback off of existing treatments (or enhance patients’ skin in just one treatment), it is sure to bring in year-round revenue to your medical aesthetics practice.

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