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PDO Thread Treatments: The Experts Weigh In

In today’s beauty industry, high-tech devices and science-backed products are used to complement physical appearance. It’s difficult to imagine medical cosmetics without treatments like radiofrequency microneedling (RFMN) and Botox injections, but the beauty industry has been in business since ancient times… like, before the late nineteenth century!
While recent trends point to “natural beauty” and “no-makeup makeup” being in style, the cosmetics world is still in full swing. One of the latest au naturel treatments to captivate patients? PDO thread treatments.
Made of dissolvable sutures, polydioxanone threads are inserted into the face or body and in just a few months, patients’ bodies will absorb the thread. Unlike invasive facelifts, PDO thread treatments are a no-downtime option that will deliver immediately visible results.
Miracu® PDO threads are FDA 510k cleared and one of the most trustworthy PDO thread lines currently available—at least, according to the experts. Medical aesthetic luminaries like Scott Callahan PA-C; Jason Emer, MD and TJ Tsay, MD accredit Miracu® specialty threads for incredible corrections to sagging skin and to specific problem areas.

“The MESH thread has completely revolutionized our approach to deep nasolabial and Merritt lines, because this thread allows for better correction through a combination of filler and collagen stimulation.”
Scott Callahan, PA-C
The Miracu® MESHfill thread is by far the most innovative. It has the unique ability to inject dermal fillers and the PDO threads simultaneously. The MESHfill thread is the world’s first and only 16-line mesh thread, with softer and more efficacious elasticity, stronger tensile strength, and a more stable knot than other mesh threads.
Generally, Miracu® PDO thread treatments are minimally painful, especially with the MESHfill thread; its high-polymer rounded tip further enhances patients’ comfort. Top providers like Scott Callahan, PA-C, endeared by patients as “Dr. Scott,” choose the Miracu® MESHfill thread to magnify treatment results. Plus, the 16-line MESHfill thread has the potential to reduce filler diffusion and migration.
Any 2-in-1 product is 100% lovable!

“Miracu® threads go well with other treatment modalities including fillers, toxins, and energy-based devices. You can mix and match different Miracu® threads and even use Miracu® threads when patients have had other threads previously… With other threads, I often always tie or twist a knot to anchor the threads. With Miracu® specialty threads, the anchoring barbs are so incredibly strong that you really don’t have to.”
TJ Tsay, MD
Dr. Tsay is an outspoken advocate for the Miracu® Forte Fix. The Forte Fix polydioxanone thread combines powerful key features to both effectively and evenly raise the hypodermis through a balanced central volume movement, consequently targeting traction and supporting areas.

Forte Fix Key Features

  • 4D multi bi-directional blocking technologies

  • Heatless press sculpted

  • 360° of superior fixation

  • Advanced manufacturing method preserves the thread shape longer

In a recent interview with Dr. Tsay, he claimed that “Treatments focused on the superior jowl and lower face areas have been where Miracu® really shines for me… [The Forte Fix] is like an everyday thread for me; it’s my bread and butter for bringing patients their desired results.”
Dual action technology enables the Forte Fix to anchor onto soft tissue in all directions. Butterfly-shaped cogs are horizontally fixated, while round hook cogs are placed upward and downward for vertical fixation. Although the Miracu® Forte Fix boasts ample cutting-edge qualities, many aesthetic providers recommend it as a starting point for new PDO thread users. Like Dr. Tsay, MD says, the Forte Fix “is like an everyday thread,” allowing practitioners to treat a variety of age concerns with an unmatched ease-of-use.

“My favorite Miracu® thread is the ELASTY Line. Unlike any other thread on the market, this gives you the most lifting, tightening, and collagen production that I have ever seen in any thread.”
Jason Emer, MD
Jason Emer, MD is a huge fan of the Miracu® ELASTY Line thread, which is widely known as the brand’s strongest PDO thread. A special high polymer coating and an anchor on the cannula’s tip allow for a solid fixation onto patients’ tissue. Unlike most polydioxanone threads, the ELASTY Line has these two stand out features: a deep cog hook and an anchored tip; During PDO thread treatments, medical aesthetic practitioners are better able to deliver dramatic results against sagging skin—Which is why Dr. Emer acclaims the Line thread for providing “the most lifting, tightening, and collagen production” that he has ever seen!

The bottom line: Polydioxanone threads are the latest aesthetic treatment to enthrall patients. There is a common (mis)conception that the medical cosmetics industry strictly comprises invasive plastic surgeries and other “risky” treatments, but plenty of procedures offer subtle, beautiful outcomes to enhance existing beauty. For patients who are hesitant to go under the knife or would like to bypass a lengthy recovery, PDO thread treatments offer virtually no downtime, minimal pain, and immediate results. Moreover, skilled aesthetic providers like TJ Tsay, MD and Scott Callahan, PA-C can perform treatments with a rare finesse—it’s all in the hand—especially while using top FDA cleared PDO threads like Miracu®.

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