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The Inside Scoop on Sylfirm X and BENEV Exosomes with Dr. Raminder Saluja, M.D.

This month, BENEV sat down with Dr. Raminder Saluja M.D., board-certified ophthalmologist with fellowship training in cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Saluja owns Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center in Huntersville, North Carolina. Her main practice focus is both clinical and research with energy-based devices and injectables.
BENEV’s Exosome Regenerative Complex (ERC), Exosome Regenerative Complex + (ERC+), and the Sylfirm X — the world’s first and only Dual Wave Radiofrequency Microneedling device powered by “the Na Effect” — have undoubtedly made their mark in the aesthetic industry. In spite of their success, we wanted to hear what an expert had to say about these innovative products and how they have transformed her practice for the better.

Read on to find out why Dr. Raminder Saluja loves the Sylfirm X and BENEV Exosomes!

Dr. Raminder Saluja began in the healthcare field by receiving her degree in pharmacy from the University of Kentucky. From there, she completed medical school at Emory University as well as her residency at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Saluja then returned to North Carolina to practice ophthalmology as a board-certified ophthalmologist. She began treating patients with hemifacial spasm with botulinum toxins, sparking her interest in the cosmetic realm.
She then decided to pursue a fellowship in cosmetic dermatology to broaden her training and expertise, and later accepted a fellowship in La Jolla, California with world-renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mitch Goldman. In 2007, Dr. Saluja completed a research and clinical fellowship under his guidance. Since then, Dr. Raminder Saluja has dedicated herself to cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic lasers, and injectables.

BENEV Exosomes

“The ERC formula has become my absolute go-to post-recovery serum for patients, and even myself!”
Describe your first experience using the Exosome Regenerative Complex as a post-treatment care product.
Our first experience with utilizing exosomes was to augment treatments through RF Microneedling with the Sylfirm X to improve the quality of treatment outcomes. Secondarily, we began to see improvement with healing. We segued off and began to utilize the topical exosomes immediately post CO2 laser to lessen healing times while also augmenting elastin and collagen production.
What were your expectations with BENEV’s Exosome Regenerative Complex and how did we meet or exceed your expectations?
At first, I wasn’t sure what exosomes would bring to the clinical endpoint, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the minimization of healing time with ablatives and the quality of the skin post exosome use.
Which treatments do you most frequently pair our ERC with?
I typically pair ERC with Fractional CO2 laser treatments as well as Radiofrequency Microneedling (RFMN). However, I plan on pairing ERC with PDO threads!
Have you tried our ERC formula on yourself? If so, what was your experience?
Yes, I have tried it post RFMN. Afterwards, I noted, serendipitously, improvement in the hair line.
How have BENEV Exosomes changed the way you utilize post-recovery serums?
Now, I forego traditional post-recovery serums. The BENEV ERC formula has become my absolute go-to post-recovery serum, especially since I’ve seen noticeable, post-treatment improvements for both myself and my patients.
Can you share a patient case that completely transformed the way you use post-treatment or regenerative products?
Yes, definitely! Typically, post CO2 laser with DEKA Pulse Tetra CO2 results in significant serous drainage with pinpoint bleeding. While this still occurred, my patient’s recovery from as early as day one resulted in less swelling with the addition of BENEV’s ERC formula compared to patients with similar energy settings but without the use of BENEV’s ERC formula.
Do you have any before and after images you would like to showcase?

Pictures Courtesy of Raminder Saluja, M.D.

How would you describe BENEV’s Exosome Regenerative Complex?
It’s easy to utilize and a wonderful adjunct to ablative and RF Microneedling procedures. I plan on further exploring the benefits of ERC to see if it can also aid in hair regrowth.

Sylfirm X

“The fact that Sylfirm X can offer us PW and CW modes makes it our top choice when it comes to RF Microneedling.”
What is your favorite thing about the Sylfirm X?
It’s difficult to only name one thing, but some of my favorite features about the Sylfirm X are its ease of use, smooth motor, the ability to have a wide range of settings to choose from, and speed with 0.1hz rep rate.
What made the Sylfirm X stand out from other RF Microneedling devices?
We had Scarlet, and then before Scarlet we had Infini… and although we have been fairly pleased with Scarlet, the fact that the Sylfirm X can offer us PW and CW modes makes it our top choice for RF Microneedling.
Why did you decide to add the Sylfirm X to your practice?
We added Sylfirm X to Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center to help with vascular issues in darker skin types that may not have the ability to do PDL or IPL, and also for the Sylfirm X’s possible ability to address melasma.
What was your first experience with the Sylfirm X like?
We had a pretty good idea of what it would be like, since we already had Scarlet. However, we just loved the PW ability of the Sylfirm X. It did not disappoint.
How has the Sylfirm X enhanced your practice?
Sylfirm X allows us to offer a treatment which spans the skin color spectrum. Using it is easier than using other RFMN devices in that the pulses are smooth (linear motor). While we have multiple energy-based devices in our practice, the neck/jawline area is where we primarily do Sylfirm X with exosomes.
What feedback have you received from your patients regarding Sylfirm X treatments?
We have received nothing but positive feedback! The Sylfirm X is easy for us, as practitioners, to use, provides patients with less overall downtime and pain, and best of all, some of the results can be seen almost immediately after treatments secondary to the collagen contraction from the thermal profile.
Have you tried the Sylfirm X on yourself? If so, what was your experience like?
Yes, RFMN is actually a quarterly procedure I do on myself to remind my fibroblasts to not go senescent on me. I couple this with BENEV Exosomes because of their incredible regenerative potential, which I have seen take effect in patients and even myself.
If other practices were considering Sylfirm X, what advice would you give them?
I would tell them that the Sylfirm X gives consistent results to improve skin quality. It is easy to use, easy to delegate, and easy to learn.
Can you share a patient case that completely transformed the way you use RF Microneedling, thanks to the Sylfirm X?
Yes! A Fitz 4.5 to 5 patient comes to mind. She struggled with vascular issues, but when I used the Sylfirm X with her, she showed significant improvement post 3 treatments.
Do you have any before and after images you would like to showcase?

Pictures Courtesy of Raminder Saluja, M.D.

If you could describe the Sylfirm X in one word, what would it be?

Have questions about the Sylfirm X or our BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complex? Click here to learn more!

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