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Best Summer Safe Treatments For Your Patients

Oh, summer… the time to get some much needed vitamin D, lounge by the beach, attend (or have!) a wedding or graduation, or jet off on that destination vacation. Regardless, here’s the bottom line: Your patients probably aren’t planning their next appointment around this time; summer isn’t for staying in and cozying up with a binge worthy Netflix show—save that for the fall.

Because medical aesthetics is a multibillion dollar industry (projected to reach $271 billion within the next year), it’s important to ensure your office is offering top-of-the-line devices and treatments which bring in the best possible profits. Knowing all the ins and outs to a successful practice, these are our top three summer safe treatments we think your patients will need and love!

Sylfirm X Dual Wave RF Microneedling

This is undoubtedly a patient and provider favorite. And yes, it’s a radiofrequency microneedling treatment that’s safe for summer. Sylfirm X was invented by JongJu Na, MD, who based the Sylfirm X technology on his first-of-its-kind “Na effect.” Non-insulated electrodes deliver independent electrothermal coagulation around each electrode of bipolar radiofrequency. The Na effect is distinguished from other bipolar radiofrequency tissue reactions, which are electrothermal coagulation between both electrodes. TLDR: Sylfirm X is a minimal pain, minimal downtime, and minimally invasive RF microneedling treatment. Its advanced design is gentle enough for summer treatments, making glowing skin always in.

Sylfirm X treats everything from skin tone, texture, laxity, discoloration, and other dermal irregularities for overall skin revitalization. From a provider’s standpoint, this device is notone to collect dust during lull periods as the entire year is peak Sylfirm X time. And to reduce what little downtime there is, patients often request regenerative methods like a potent serum for faster outcomes (A.K.A. an opportunity for ROI and ongoing revenue potential). Read on to meet BENEV Exosomes.

Aesthetic Injectables: Botox and Fillers

Injectables are the most popular year-round treatment, and they could even be the most well known thanks to A-listers like Kylie Jenner. Botox and fillers are incredibly versatile as they can enhance the lips, cheeks, jawline, forehead, chest, even underarms. A few key benefits are that 1) downtime is relatively short, 2) results will last throughout the summer, 3) and multiple botox and filler brands can widen your patient base.

To really make aesthetic injectables work for your practice, seasonal promotions that offer discounts or combine treatment areas into single sessions can really optimize botox and fillers to keep busy steady. Your secret weapon doesn’t have to be a totally new, innovative solution; sometimes it’s the products that are right under your nose which bring in the most success. Learn more about profitably marketing a medical aesthetics practice here.

BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes

Regenerative medicine goes hand in hand with medical aesthetics. Although invasive and non-invasive treatments alike require variable levels of downtime, regenerating treatment areas to their normal conditions and effectively addressing treatment concerns is really what matters most. BENEV Exosomes are available in their original ERC formula, the doubly potent ERC+ formula for skin and scalp rejuvenation, and the take-home EXO Balm. All options are designated for topical, post treatment application, and they can be paired with most industry treatments like botox and fillers, chemical peels, lasers, microneedling, and more.

The beauty of BENEV Exosomes for summer is that they can not only work with most office’s existing treatments, but also speed up the recovery process and even improve final outcomes…. “Get your glow on!” Downtime is really the only “downer” for patients looking to reduce sagging skin, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. This exosome line truly elevates the treatment experience—faster results, enhanced results, who could resist?! Learn more about the rise of exosomes in medical aesthetic treatment here.

*Disclaimer: BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes are not drug products. They are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure diseases or medical conditions. They are not intended to be injected or delivered intravenously.

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