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Optimize Profits With Sylfirm X-perience Combo Treatments

The aesthetic industry follows the seasons, so practitioners are always ready for certain treatments, products, and devices to alternate throughout the year. Currently, the harsh winter is transitioning into a more agreeable spring. For some, spring signals better weather and new blooms, but for others, this new season means a new array of seasonal treatments! From laser tattoo removal to radiofrequency (RF) microneedling, certain office devices are about to get a whole lot of love.
Although, not every aesthetic device will be dusted off this spring. There are select technologies which are in demand all throughout the year—something rare and extremely valuable for practice success. Sylfirm X dual wave radiofrequency microneedling coupled with post treatment exosomes is what patients and providers have lovingly coined the
“Sylfirm X-perience.”
The Sylfirm X already boasts a comfortable patient experience; Dual wave capabilities (continuous wave and pulsed wave) as well as expansive treatment depths (0.3mm to 4.0mm) enable practitioners to tailor treatments based on patients’ individual needs. Patients have reported minimal pain, incredible results, and less downtime compared to other RFMN devices.
Most practitioners avoid purchasing a laser or radiofrequency device during the warmer months. After all, downtime equates zero sun exposure until patients are fully healed—and when the beaches are calling, that’s a pretty hard rule to follow. But the Sylfirm X offers minimal downtime anyway, so its shorter recovery process makes it easier for patients to follow aftercare protocol and ultimately see their results faster.
According to cosmetic dermatologist Raminder Saluja, MD, the Sylfirm X’s advanced technology was a key component in her decision to add it to her practice: “We graduated to Sylfirm, which has the same Na effect of independent coagulation and also offers a dual wave capability, allowing us to offer both PW and CW RF. Thus, expanding our treatment protocols to treat not only texture but also have an impactful change on pigment and vascular issues.”
That’s the beauty of Sylfirm X. But the Sylfirm X-perience is a two part procedure, so what about exosomes?. Exosomes are only the “smallest” development in regenerative medicine. These tiny cell-to-cell communicators jumpstart the recovery process, reduce inflammation, and deliver a rejuvenating afterglow. When topically applied post Sylfirm X, patients will see their downtime minimized even further with BENEV Exosome Regenerative Complexes. It’s the cherry on top of an amazing, comfortable treatment—and what patient doesn’t want to enhance their existing results?

This spring, don’t let certain treatments like radiofrequency microneedling go into hibernation. The Sylfirm X addresses multiple skin conditions and colors through a minimally painful procedure, while BENEV Exosomes work to lessen recovery time and highlight post RFMN results. Top medical aesthetic providers like Raminder Saluja, MD have implemented the Sylfirm X-perience into their treatment offerings… and neither technology has gathered dust throughout the seasons!
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