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How You Can Train With the Industry’s Leading Medical Aesthetic Experts

The Trifecta Takes a Tropical Vacay

We hope you had a chance to say aloha to the aesthetically acclaimed Regenerative Trifecta (which comprises Sylfirm X, Miracu® PDO threads, and BENEV Exosomes) during the BENEV x Aesthetic Regenerative Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii. Led by key opinion leaders Gideon Kwok, DO, and Yvonne Dellos, MSN, FNP-BC, this was the perfect place to learn about all the advancements in medical cosmetic treatments. Seriously, spend your midday in didactic lectures and hands-on demonstrations… and watch the sunset on Honolulu’s pristine beaches afterward? We couldn’t imagine anything better.

Attendees enjoyed immersive 30-minute lectures from Dr. Kwok and Yvonne Dellos, each focusing on the individual Trifecta components and honing in on everything from device basics, standout features, treatment outcomes, and how to optimize select technologies for your practice.

Trainings like the Aesthetic Regenerative Symposium have proven time and time again to be invaluable to BENEV family members—especially when they’re completed with exclusive savings, raffles, and networking that is only available to attendees. Hawaii is always a good idea, so we hope to see you at the next tropical training!

Get the Lowdown on Patients’ Fave PDO Threads

PDO (polydioxanone) thread “king” Scott Callahan, PA-C routinely hosts Dolce Vida Symposiums for the next generation’s aesthetic professionals. He is the founder of multiple Dolce Vida Medical Spas across Connecticut, where he has been endeared as “Doctor Scott” by his doting patients. (The treatment results that he delivers using specialized thread combinations are remarkable!)

The most recent training with Scott Callahan was the Flawless Symposium, co-hosted by Lindsay Bright, FNP-C, and Heather Celeste, APRN, FNP-C. Although all of the Regenerative Trifecta technologies are covered during this two-night event, we highly recommend that attendees check out how “Doctor Scott” performs Miracu® PDO thread treatments. His finesse and expert thread selections and combinations can improve the techniques of novice and experienced threaders alike.

Miracu® PDO threads are on the rise among medical aesthetic providers and their patients. Comfortable, minimally invasive treatments give patients a quick turnaround in terms of their recovery process (not to mention incredible results), easily making “Miracu Makeovers” a top requested treatment in available offices. This up-and-coming PDO thread line boasts a variety of high tensile strength PDO threads to choose from, each specifically designed to address specific dermal and aging concerns. Scott Callahan’s favorite thread is the ELASTY Line:

“Miracu has this incredible thread called the Elasty Line thread, which is essentially this double-anchored, double-coated PDO thread that is, in my opinion, the strongest thread that I have utilized on any of my patients. It allows me that vertical suspension lift that sometimes you’re just lacking with other thread companies.”

Training opportunities with the Dolce Vida Symposium offer an intimate learning environment, as small class sizes can comfortably receive intensive hands-on instruction covering Miracu® PDO threads, Sylfirm X dual wave RF microneedling, and post treatment topical exosomes.

Saving and Winning BIG at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery is one of the biggest annual aesthetic conferences, and it’s always double the fun in Sin City. In fact, VCS was actually a star-studded event… with legendary celebrities like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe in attendance!

This year, the Regenerative Trifecta was showcased alongside some of the newer BENEV products like the Viviscal™PRO hair growth line. Viviscal’s results are completely transformative in keeping patients’ locks beautifully thick and brilliant—hence why A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon have gushed about it to InStyle magazine! Luckily, those who took advantage of the recent Show Special were able to receive the complete Viviscal™ line as a starter kit for just over $130.

A delicious and didactic lunch-and-learn (“Leading Regenerative Therapies: Creating a Paradigm Shift in Aesthetic Medicine”) was hosted by key opinion leaders and medical advisory board members like Suneel Chilukuri, MD, FAAD, FACMS, Jessie Cheung, MD, and more. And as with most aesthetic conferences, an exclusive VIP cocktail event was held for the entire BENEV family to get together, mingle with one another, and get the real scoop on BENEV technologies. Not to mention with a specialty drink and fancy appetizer in hand!

VCS is the perfect place to get an extensive, informative insight into products like Sylfirm X, Miracu® PDO threads, and the newer SmartLux and Viviscal™PRO. Except, Vegas Cosmetic Surgery puts a generous sprinkle of “fun” into all of that. To find out more about BENEV learning opportunities and find an upcoming event near you, click here.

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