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Our Desire To Progress Lies In 


It's In Our DNA. Progressive Skin Solutions Is What We Do. 


BENEV Products Are Scientifically Engineered

We look beyond the fads, hype, and fashion surrounding the latest popular skin care ingredients and analyze the facts behind the claims. BENEV develops formulas that work with the skin’s natural rhythms to induce positive, visible results. Each ingredient is carefully chosen based on proven results and effectiveness. Our scientists select raw materials based on their originating sources and standards of manufacturing and purity.

All BENEV products are developed, formulated, and manufactured in our own FDA-registered lab in compliance with the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. FDA registration requires more stringent quality control and testing than is required for a general cosmetics lab, ensuring a higher level of safety, quality, and purity. Each step in the manufacturing process is carefully monitored. Our pure, concentrated formulas are produced with the highest-quality ingredients in small batches, and each batch is tested for efficacy, safety, and consistency.


BENEV in partnership  with Exo-Co Bio the 4th largest Exosome research company in the world, has established in tandem align to professional Exosome products, as a post care “topical use” cosmetic solution. While we believe that application of exosome technology is limited to cosmetic use only, our commitment on the research and development to the potential of exosome offering a new future for regeneration will remain steadfast. 

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Growth Factor Complex skin serums are based on the latest biotechnological research into the skin healing and anti-aging effects of growth factors. Each serum contains high concentrations of growth factors and other skin nourishing ingredients targeted towards specific skin conditions for fast, visible results.Growth factors are natural proteins abundant in young skin that are important for healthy skin cell function. They are involved in cell turnover and generation, collagen production, and elastin production. These functions help keep skin taut, firm, and smooth. As skin ages of suffers photo-damage from sun exposure, it produces fewer growth factors. Cell turnover slows down and collagen and elastin levels decrease. Areas of the face and neck begin to sag, and fine lines and wrinkles appear, and the overall complexion becomes dull. Stretch marks also may appear on the body as skin becomes less resilient. Growth Factor Complex serums replenish the skin’s supply of these crucial proteins to fight visible signs of chronological and sun-induced aging.



Dr. Randy Miller, M.D.,F.A.C.S

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Dr. Richard Goldfarb, M.D.,F.A.C.S

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Dr. Richard Jin, M.D.,PhD

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Dr. Diane Duncan, M.D.,F.A.C.S

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Dr. JD McCoy,NMD

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